The Bellagio

The Hallmark of Opulence. The Bellagio. Feast on nature’s masterpiece. The Manila golf course’s priceless scenery, reserved for your viewing pleasure, is best enjoyed from the comfort of your home. Watch the play of light over an ever-changing palette of Zoysia-covered fairways. Admire nature’s seamless artistry – from the shade trees to the pristine white sand and natural watercourses – from your floor-to-ceiling windows. Get a glimpse of a golf tournament as it unfolds on the lush green at midday. With such beauty at your fingertips, you can face each day renewed and rejuvenated. At the Bellagio, you are part of Forbes Town Center. This is life in the realm of total comfort, of absolute leisure, of the utmost of opulence.

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Forbes Town Center, The Bellagio


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The Bellagio's Amenities

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The Bellagio's Site Development Plan

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The Bellagio's Unit Layout

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The Bellagio's Model Layout

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The Bellagio Facade


Horizon edge swimming pool with in-pool lounge

Podium level landscaped gardens and view deck

Children's swimming pool

Paved sunbathing deck

Children's playground

Day care center


Game room

Function room

What's Around?


Aimee AguilarTeo M.D.

The Dermatology Suite

Spinal Care

Le Clinique Restaurants

The Cookery Place


LEntrecte Corner Bistro

Fifteen TwentyOne

Uncle Cheffy

Kelly Academy International

Little Gym



Robinsons Selections


RJPL Souvenirs and Giveaways


The Marketplace


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