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Cool and luxurious lifestyle. Scenic vineyards straight from a European travel book. Real grapes that can produce authentic wines. All of these can enjoy within the comforts of your own home at Twin Lakes, the Philippines’ first vineyard resort community and Tagaytay’s first master-planned integrated tourism estate.

A life in a well-planned and well-spaced but also boasts of nature’s hewn terrains, lush greenery, and a vineyard to boot. The idea to relax and indulge to every moment of one’s life is exactly what Megaworld's Global Estate Resorts, Inc. for the future residents of Twin Lakes.

Twin Lakes is a 1,200-hectare mixed-use leisure and resort community that raises the bar of living in Tagaytay. Within the tourism estate, you’ll get the best of Europe at the first residential cluster called Twin Lakes Vineyard Residences, which composed of three mid rise condominium towers named after famous grape varieties: Shiraz, Merlot, and Chardonnay.

Twin Lakes also has a unique mixed-use community development called Twin Lakes Vineyard, which spans 177-hectare of a natural landscape that offers the perfect view of the famous Taal Volcano, along with a view of the man-made lake within the estate.

Twin Lakes Vineyard Residences will have its own sports club and spa, wedding venue, and the 3-hectare vineyard that will produce real grapes that can be processed, stored and aged in a very own chateau. The township will also have commercial and retail hubs (The Village and Lakeshore Town Center), a university park, as well a nature park. Other developments in Twin Lakes include retirement community, wellness center, hotel, chateau, and among others.

With all these, one can enjoy both the natural and man-made wonders at Twin Lakes.

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Tagaytay Twinlakes, Tagaytay, Laurel Batangas


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